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John E DeVito

To whom it may concern,
It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Jay Anderson of Edgewater Contractors. Jay Anderson was my primary contractor for a complete renovation project of my two-bedroom condominium unit at Whitney beach. The project remodeled the kitchen and two baths with new cabinets, appliances, lighting, countertops and other fixtures. The carpeted floors of the entire unit including the kitchen, baths, bedrooms, living room and lanais’ were replaced with ceramic tile. Wood molding was placed around all of the floors and ceilings. One of the two lanais was enclosed in glass.

All of these renovations were done in Florida, while I remained out-of-state. Jay would communicate with me via e-mail and phone regarding the project. He would forward photographs of the progress and various changes that were being done. We made many of our decisions by e-mail and telephone.

It was a pleasure working with Jay Anderson. He is trustworthy, honest, and did an outstanding job. His subcontractors were all professional. He also accepted responsibility for any problems which occurred during the project and was receptive to our needs after the project was completed.

I would highly recommend Edgewater contractors. I will use them again for any future needs.

Lisa McSwain

To whom it may concern:
In this letter of recommendation, I hope that I can portray the graditude and creativeness that I have for Jay Anderson and Edgewater Contractors, Inc.. Our project was to be remodeling two bathrooms and the kitchen.

I love to cook and entertain. Our condo was the orginal floor plan with minor updates made in the late 1980s. We purchased this unit from my father-in-laws estate to preserve the wonderful times and memories that they had had from 1977 to the present. All three of our children had learned to fish and swim on Longboat Key. We have spent every Easter/Spring Break and Christmas holidays. We found ourselves coming down 4 to 7 times a year.

After going over all our history with Jay Anderson, we decided to "gut the whole unit," except for the pecky cyprus tv room. That had been one of my mother-in-laws favorite rooms. Keeping that in mind, Jay had come up with the idea of running the pecky cyprus beams throughout the main living area.

With his very skilled carpenter, Ron, they created such clean lines and impeccable details. Jay has gone "above and beyond" the duties of a contractor. He has helped me locate items by searching the internet and stores; he "chauffeured" me around to area stores and to Tampa; and readily gave his opinion on fabric swatches and paint colors. With his artistic eye, I was able to "bounce" all ideas and thus avoided having a interior decorator to assist me. Please feel free to contact us and/or visit our condo on Longboat Key to see for yourself what an amazing transformation Edgewater Contractors has done to preserve the quality; family history and capture the natural beauty of the ocean. Lisa and David McSwain

PS - I am ready to redo another house and/or condo with Edgewater Contractors!!!!

Mary and Patrick Dwyer

Dear Jay,

Mary and I wanted you to know we are extremely pleased with the results of the major renovation of our Longboat home.

Even though we were in Connecticut during the renovation, your professionalism, attention to detail, interest in doing the best job possible and diligent communications (including progress photos) with us made us feel we were there and involved in the renovation every step of the way.

As you know the renovation was extensive with the entire house being gutted, a completely new floor plan being implemented and all mechanical systems being replaced. The beautiful results are a testament to your knowledge, dedication and professionalism.

Thank you for approaching this project as if it was your home.

You have helped us make this house our home.


Jeff & Beth Hudepohl

I wanted to send you a note of appreciation for a job well done on our condo remodel project at Unit 203, Covert II. Your coordination with the draftsman on getting us the design we wanted along with the professional group of subcontractors that you used allowed us to have a successful project.

As you are aware, it is difficult to feel involved in a project from 1,000 miles away but with your constant contact with us via emailing pictures and calling us with updates, it was as if we were onsite ourselves.

We also appreciate getting the project completed on time, it was down to the wire but it was completed exactly on the day you promised.

Thanks again.

Lou Rehak

I worked with Jay Anderson to totally renovate my condominium on Longboat Key. Jay managed the project from preliminary design to completion. The project was completed with great care, without problems, as well as on schedule, within budget, and with the highest quality in workmanship. The result clearly exceeded my expectations.

Jay is professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I am very pleased and confident to give him my highest recommendation.

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